Interview With Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter

An excerpt from a post-birthday interview with Ian Hunter.

When the conversation turns to more general subjects, Hunter proves to be a well-informed and passionate observer of American politics. Speaking of commentators from the extreme right, such as the broadcaster Glenn Beck, he says: “Their technique is to try to dazzle you with minute detail. I have a more simple view: I am not interested in your facts and figures; you are a twat. Beck makes a complete tool of himself, then dismisses his critics as elitists. I am no elitist. I scored 125 on the IQ test. I consider myself about average. But I know Glenn Beck is an idiot. Obama,” he adds, sounding like a man who is channelling the spirit of his left-wing father, “is a decent man and that’s why he is such a threat to them: because he is a decent man.”

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