Declaration for Independence

Let it be known from this day forward…

I have no intention of joining or participating in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linked In, Plaxo, Classmates, MyLife, etc. They tend to suck life out of the process of making personal connections with people, and may tend to do more harm than good. So, any accounts which may have been created by me in the past should be considered dead and inactive. I do not have a desire to even go in and hunt them down to delete them, so there.

That said, I will continue posting to the weidemannia blog, which you are currently reading. After all, I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now, and its part of my DNA. I also will continue to maintain my “epiclectic” web-presence related to vinyl records and album cover art.

Please don’t interpret this as me trying to distance myself from friends and family. In fact, its an attempt to consciously remove the obsessive and impersonal distractions brought about by Internet-enabled instant access to anyone.

If you know me, send me an email, or give me a call. Don’t be surprised if you might find me calling you unexpectedly without any purpose other than letting you know I’m still here and care.

Rock and roll.

2 Responses to “Declaration for Independence”

  1. Kris says:

    At last; someone who is facile with the technology who discerns that it often defeats its stated purpose. Proud to be your friend.

  2. epiclectic says:

    Everything is good in moderation. Back at you, Kris.

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