Pulp Fantasy

Pulp Fantasy, originally uploaded by Epiclectic.

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  1. Brimaxian says:

    I know how to work that “painted” feel over the heads, which is the only seam in the otherwise seamless composite. Experiment with this: add a new empty layer on top of everything, use Smudge, strength about 60%, a spotty brush and “Sample All Layers” selected, but not “Finger Painting”. Then brush along your faces in strokes as if you were painting them. You get a nice smeary look with swaths of color similar to the rest of the piece, since you already did a good job color matching. I can show you how, next time I’m over.

  2. epiclectic says:

    Brian – Appreciate the suggestion and will give it a shot. Other than doing the color matching and curve/level tweaks, I applied a watercolor filter in an attempt to get the “feel” of the original artwork, but wasn’t really satisfied with it being a match.

  3. epiclectic says:

    Replaced the image and it is much better, IMHO. Great suggestion and will definitely add that technique to my toolkit.

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