50 Yardline at the SuperBowl


Decided it was time to invest in a flatscreen, and picked up this 46″ 120hZ Toshiba LCD at Costco for the right price. Popped it into the Scion and had it up and running within an hour. Added a Sony Home Theater system with wireless rear speakers and it has changed the way we watch movies. TV programming still sucks for the most part, but the HD channels provide an eye-opening look at the world.

And rather than shit-can the old Broyhill Fontana entertainment center, I removed the doors, whipped out the old circular saw, and cut it down to size. Very pleased with the results, and encourage more of you out there to do the same. Saved a crapload of money, which financed the addition of the home theater system.

Sorry, Regal Cinemas. You’ve frozen our asses for the last time. Watching movies in the comfort of our home, in our underwear, and eating cheap popcorn.

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