Epiclecticized Martika

Epiclecticized Martika, originally uploaded by Epiclectic.

My attempt to give a warmer feeling to this beautiful girl’s album cover. Tried a few things with filters and masks and liked how it came out. Think I might start creating treatments of other album covers.

If you don’t remember Martika, you might remember the kid on the TV show Kids Incorporated that ran in the early 80’s. Found this on Youtube and it brings back a grin.

I also discovered that Stacy Ferguson also appeared on a few episodes of Kids Incorporated. She’s the little blonde on the right in this version of “Cool Places”. Stacy is now more commonly known as Fergie, for you older farts out there that might not have known.

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  1. Brimaxian says:

    Stacy wasn’t just in a few episodes, she was actually one of the longest running “Kids” in the series, starting from the first episode. Why do I know that? I had a childhood crush on her. Why didn’t I recognize my childhood crush when I saw her for the first time again in that Black Eyed Peas video? Because I grew up and refined my taste in women.

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