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You say you’re tired of the inane stories of blonde, Hollywood bimbos? Then check out this interesting little diversion if you are looking for some meat with your potatoes.

Heads Found In Farmer’s Freezer

POLICE searching the home of a Canadian pig farmer found the severed heads, hands and feet of two women hidden in a freezer, a court was told today at the start of one of the world’s most grisly murder trials.

“In each case the head had been cut in two vertically,” prosecutor Derrill Prevett told the court at the start of the trial of Robert William Pickton, who has been accused of the murders of 26 women in Canada’s worst serial killings. With the skulls were the left and right hands and the front part of the left and right feet, Mr Prevett said. The body parts were found inside two buckets in two freezers in the workshop of Pickton’s farm in Port Coquitlam, 50km outside western Vancouver.

Methinks Robert may be watching a bit too much cable programming, and believes Showtime’s Dexter to be a new reality show… Yikes.

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