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Cyber-Museum of Scams and Frauds…

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

“ is a public educational website covering a wide variety of financial scams and frauds, including wacky “prime bank” frauds, exotic foreign currency scams, offshore investment frauds, tax scams, “Pure Trust” structures and more…”

In addition to being a great read, you might just actually learn something. Make sure to pass this link on to at least 5 of your friends, if you sincerely wish good luck to come your way.

Sidebar: Oh, Vincent? We know who you are, what you do, and to whom you’ve done it. Shame on you. Big brother is watching and it is probably best you do the right thing to avoid legal issues. And, make sure you have yourself a great day!

The Apple Knockers and the Coke

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

“Hardcore porn films have existed at least since the teens, circulated through private clubs and wealthy collectors. Ancient Hollywood gossip has it that Joan Crawford acted in several early stag films, including some with lesbian scenes. But one of the earliest star-attributed films to circulate widely was a nameless one-reel nudie loop purporting to depict a young Marilyn Monroe, who would have shot it around 1948, prior to her posing nude for the inaugural issue of Playboy. In the film, a lone young woman does a striptease, rolls an apple across her chest, and then sips a soda. Later dubbed The Apple Knockers and the Coke, it was distributed to colleges and cinemas in the early ’70s by Grove Films, packaged in a collection of vintage erotic shorts and experimental works like Carolee Schneemann’s Fuses. Today, it’s recognized that Apple Knockers and several other so-called Monroe porn films depict another early Playboy model named Arline Hunter.”

Only a handful of people will know why I posted this. The scary thing is how the subject came up, and how many years had passed since the “event went down”. San Diego rocks!