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For The Public Record

Sunday, February 19th, 2006

Decided it was time to let the world know what a piece-of-crap a custom made, goose-down filled sofa from La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries looks like. After waiting 5 months for delivery after we ordered this, we quickly discovered that not only does the sofa look like an unmade bed once you stand up, in a matter of days, the feathers actually start sticking through the fabric.

After many calls to La-Z-Boy, they sent someone out to examine the couch, and agreed that it shouldn’t look like that, or be “leaking” feathers. So, a month later, they delivered brand new cushion inserts. Think that fixed it? Nope – it returned to its original condition in a matter of days.

What happened to the local La-Z-Boy store? Its been demolished. Word to the wise – NEVER, I REPEAT NEVER GET A SOFA WITH DOWN-FILLED CUSHIONS!

[Apologies to my friends who have heard this story way too many times and are wondering why we don’t just shitcan it and get a new sofa.]