You Know You are an Old Draftsperson When…

You know how to control line weights by rolling your pencil.
You know that a French curve isn’t a grade change on a language exam.
You remember when blueprints were blue.
You’ve erased sepias with chemicals.
You know a scumbag isn’t just a derogatory comment about someone.
You know what drafting dots are and how to use them.
You know that a Leroy Lettering Set is not an ACAD font.
You’ve had a roll of toilet paper on your drafting board.
You remember when templates were plastic and not a type of electronic file.
You know what sandpaper on a stick is for.
You know that a compass draws circles and not used to find the North Pole.
You remember the head rush from the smell of ammonia.
You own a roll of masking tape so dried out, it will never be tape again.
You’ve played with a drafting dot ball.
You know what the phrase “asses and elbows” means.
You’ve done cut and paste with scissors and sticky back.
You’ve etched your initials into your tools.
You have had a brush tied to your drafting board.
You’ve come home with black sleeves.
You’ve made hooks out of paper clips to attach to your lamp.
You know an eraser shield isn’t a Norton program.
You’ve used “fixative” spray.
You’ve had a middle-finger callous harder than bone.
The words “sepia changes” still gives you a headache.
You’ve used Pounce.
You’ve used a “ships curve”.
You’ve used a “Folding-Bone” before.
Having an Ames lettering guide and never using it.
You’ve worn out the bristles of your drafting brush.
You made a rubber-band ball that is now quite hairy.
You resisted moving from linen to mylar.
Chiselpoint was the sign of experience and craftsmanship.

And finally…

You have a permanent spine curvature from bending over your table.

Thanks to Leonard Eastwood for helping remember the simple days…

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