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Putfile – Top 10 Uploads

Sunday, May 29th, 2005

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Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

It’s official. Chapter 2 is now fully underway. Continuing down the path toward a Broker’s license and untold riches and personal self-sufficiency. Damn you corporations. Damn you to hell!

Friday Random Ten

Friday, May 20th, 2005

Being a follower and not a leader, once again Jeff has nudged me into action. Instructions are as follow: Fire up your music player. Set to random play. List the first ten songs. Ok, here is what I came up with on the first go…

1. Darkness Darkness – Mott the Hoople

2. Simple – Phish

3. Siren Song – Alan Parsons

4. Moved On (Album Version) Brian M. Weidemann

5. I Couldn’t Get High – The Fugs

6. Squad Car – Eddie & The Showmen

7. Secret of the Bloom – Victoria

8. The World’s Address – They Might Be Giants

9. Born Under A Bad Sign – William Bell

10. Join Together – The Who

What’s in YOUR player?

Jim Rockford’s Answering Machine

Wednesday, May 18th, 2005

Remember the show? Then you will love this compilation of messages left on Jim’s answering machine.



Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

A comic strip character, created in 1910 by George Herriman. The comic was named ‘Krazy Kat’ and was first published with this name on 1913. It ran until 1944, when its author died.; also a term used by my dad, that I thought was a nonsense word until I found the previous explanation – thanks to Google.

Dear Employees,

Wednesday, May 11th, 2005

Thanks to one of my close colleagues for sending me a copy of this:

Dear Employees,

Earlier this morning, I met with employees at our Aliso Viejo corporate headquarters to discuss an important announcement being made today. After much consideration, we’ve decided to relocate our corporate headquarters from Southern California to the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area.

This move reflects the company’s strategy to reduce operating costs, enhance efficiency and become more customer focused. The company selected the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area not only because of its proximity to North American clients, to East Coast financial centers and to Washington D.C., but also because of its international airport which provides optimal travel connections to customers in all other global locations. The Dallas/Ft. Worth reputation for quality of life was also a key factor.

A final decision on a location within the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area will be made in the next few weeks, and we expect the relocation will be completed by early 2006.

Right now, there are 490 headquarters employees. Of these, 210 people will be reassigned or relocated locally. Approximately 80 employees will be reassigned to other Fluor locations. About 100 people will be relocated to the company’s new headquarters in Texas, and 70 new employees will be hired there. It is anticipated that as many as 100 employees will most likely leave the company.

For those being relocated, the company will follow its customary policies for corporate relocation and will also provide relocation incentives. For those who are being laid-off, the company will provide outplacement services. The company will also provide retention pay to ensure a smooth transition. In addition, efforts will be made to identify possible opportunities within Fluor. More importantly, however, we are making this announcement today – more than eight months in advance – to give those who are being laid-off the most amount of time possible to seek a new position.

The relocation will have no effect on the company’s Southern California engineering operations located in Aliso Viejo and Long Beach. Together these operations employ 900 of our employees and have grown by six percent in just the last year. Additionally, our philanthropic foundation will remain in Southern California.

We are doing all we can to continue on our path toward preeminence. I believe this relocation is something we must do and firmly believe we will emerge a far more competitive organization, one that can more efficiently serve its customers.

Thank you for your attention.


Alan Boeckmann

Let’s see. Shall I offer some biased, personal observations?

– It appears that the corporate headquarters is not only moving to Texas, but that it is reducing its size by 65%! Currently at 490 employees; 170 anticipated at the new location. Just how much corporate fat is being liposuctioned out of its operations and being left to blanche itself in the Southern California sun?

– 210 people will be reassigned or relocated locally. Now, you tell me just what possible jobs would these people be assigned to when every organization is being held accountable for its budgets. If they’ve been doing the job with this year’s staff, who the hell would bring on more survivors to its at-capacity lifeboat. (Maybe they’ll be put into the Sales organization!)

– It is interesting that the philanthropic foundation (read: Bob Fluor Jr.) refuses to make the move. The company has distanced itself from its heritage and roots.

– I also love the phrase “continue on our path toward preeminence” which means Dallas. Look for the bumperstickers: Dallas – The Center of Preeminence!

Watch the FLR message boards to see the anger from the displaced…

KCRW – Thank God for College Radio!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2005

KCRW’s programming reflects the diversity of the community it serves. National Public Radio’s Southern California flagship station, KCRW airs more news programming from National Public Radio than any station in the Southland. KCRW also produces award-winning literary and drama programs within its studios.

Named ‘Best Bit of Everything’ radio station by Details magazine, KCRW’s innovative and acclaimed programming has been recognized with significant press coverage in Los Angeles and around the country and the world. In recent years, the station’s local cultural and public affairs programs have won The George Foster Peabody Award, Ohio Awards, the Cindy, the Major Armstrong, The Radio and Television News Directors Association and Corporation for Public Broadcasting Awards. The station was twice named ‘Nation’s Best Non-Commercial Station’ at the College Media Journal’s New Music Awards, and in 1994, was the first public radio station ever to be honored with a Crystal Eagle Award from the Coro Foundation for meritorious community service.

After reading a review in the UK’s Uncut magazine, they talked about the “buzz” created for Ray Lamontagne when he played The Troubadour in West LA recently – and attributed it to KCRW. I have now added it to my streaming radio channel that I listen to while I help people refinance their homes. Keeps me young. > Find TV Commercial Ad Music

Wednesday, May 4th, 2005

‘What was the song used in that television commercial?’ – Now you can find the answer at – the weblog of information on music from TV ads, film trailers, and more.

You know the music in that new commercial for Target was haunting you. Now you know where you can find the answers to these and many other obscure pieces of musical knowledge…