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Friday, May 31st, 2002

Suddenly, when you least expect it, someone steps up to you and says “hey, what are you doing for lunch?” When it turns out that this someone is one of the few people on the planet with integrity running through her veins, a warm feeling begins to radiate from within. Sort of like Gandalf appearing to rescue the travelers, or Sean Connery’s role in “Finding Forrester”. While it may still be too early to realize any real impact, it seems the forces may be with us once again.

I’m A Flasher

Monday, May 27th, 2002

Picked up a copy of Macromedia FlashMX and am attempting to be a bit more ‘serious’ about learning what it can really do. Experimenting with cartoon animation, sound, scenes and dynamic text. You can find some of my working files listed under special projects in the flashgallery.

Planet Pink Slip

Monday, May 27th, 2002 Sympathy Cards

Frederica Fontana

Sunday, May 26th, 2002


Who’s We Studios

Sunday, May 26th, 2002

Who’s We Studios

Flash Kit

Saturday, May 25th, 2002

Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource – Online resource for Macromedia Flash Tutorials SWF FLA images clip art Sounds WAVS Animations Help and Support

Flash MX

Friday, May 24th, 2002

Macromedia – Flash MX

10 Little Indians

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2002

You know it may not be over yet…but it certainly feels like it’s all winding down. I’m reminded of the song “ten little indians”… I think we’re at the verse “2 little indians, 2 little indians….”….luckily I don’t know the next verse…so however the song ends it should be a surprise :)


Friday, May 17th, 2002


Thursday, May 16th, 2002

noun and verb – term used to describe unproductive activity one must participate in per instructions from misguided management; a person on whom leadershit is afflicted often displays a slow but continual left-and-right motion of the head, usually resulting in severe neck and ass pain.


Wednesday, May 15th, 2002

v 1: set apart from others 2: cause a silo to be 3: cause an organization to adopt a manner of isolated activity 4: suboptimize an organization by minimizing or preventing coordination, communication or collaboration between groups, units, offices, functions or businesses.

thanks to rostmargu

kook d’etat

Monday, May 13th, 2002

the forced overthrow of the leader of a cult or fringe group by a faction within the group. Wired 06|2002

Site Tweak

Sunday, May 12th, 2002

Expanded the about page to explain the links for first time visitors. Probably helps provide some explanation to the oldtimers around here as well.

Added a page to clarify a common mistake that people make.

Caine Mutiny…

Saturday, May 11th, 2002

The Caine Mutiny. Its not over until its over.

Saturday, May 11th, 2002 :: the source for creative talent and information :::::::::::::::::::::::::

Wednesday, May 8th, 2002

The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press

Wednesday, May 1st, 2002

Craps – learn rules, strategies, odds – AllCraps

Wednesday, May 1st, 2002

Craps Table Layout – Learn How to Play Craps

Wednesday, May 1st, 2002

Irishsetter’s So You Want To Play Craps?

Diary Revisited

Wednesday, May 1st, 2002

It has been a while since I reviewed these pages. Although I have little to say at this point I find the entries and thoughts to be very “telling”. For now I think I will just keep “grazing” and trying to think nice thoughts.