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Hunter on Letterman

Saturday, September 30th, 2000

Added link to Ian Hunter’s introduction on David Letterman’s September 26th show. He sat in with Paul and the band and played a number of his most popular tunes in the intro and outros from the commercials.

Massive Reconstruction of Weidemannia

Sunday, September 24th, 2000

Completely revamped the look of the site. We all know how important “branding” is, and while I’m dealing with it at work, I thought I would do the same for weidemannia. Makes it look much more professional, don’t you think? I’ve even developed a color board with approved color schemes and fonts.

More albums added to the list – now at 1225. Also modified the graphic navigator. Still thinking about another version that is based on one of those table-top jukebox controls. Maybe when I have some “extra” time.

Planning a “hall of passed abodes” page.

Flashed on the idea of developing a list of band names along with graphics, that I could sell off to the highest bidder. Keep a look out for the first one – based on a passing line from Basil Fawlty.

BMW, Tap and Turtles

Tuesday, September 12th, 2000

Let’s see. Lots of random occurrences during the past two months worth mentioning.

Just ordered the DVD version of This is Spinal Tap. Plan on turning it up to 11.

Bought the 2CD Ian Hunter collection just released from Sony titled “Once Bitten Twice Shy”. Recommended for those of you who are tired of hearing me ramble on about Ian and Mott – and I guarantee that once you give him a listen, you too will be a fan.

Mark your calendars since Ian will be sitting in with Paul Schaeffer on the David Letterman show on September 26. My guess is we’ll hear some great instrumental renditions of some of Ian’s tunes between guests… the VCR is set.

Am the proud owner of Brian’s first CD – Still Haven’t Walked – he’s selling on MP3.COM. In fact I bought the first copy! How can you go wrong for $7.99.

Flo and Eddie and the Turtles just happened to play a free concert on August 20 for the final Lake Forest Summer concert series. A group of us from work sat on the grass, and enjoyed the “aging” guys. Figured this was probably my last chance to get an autograph, so during their encore, I got between them and their exit vehicle – armed with a Sharpie and the cover from their first album – the VERY FIRST ALBUM I EVER BOUGHT! Even though they were running to catch a plane to their next gig, Mark Volman was nice enough to personalize the cover. Cool.

Toying with the idea of getting serious about Flash and web design. The Cybart Concepts division of weidemannia design is the preliminary branding effort. We’ll see where it goes.